Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Tuesday's Table

Special thanks to the king and queen of pancakes for the awesome lunch today. 

Friday, 4 November 2016

Kiddie Carnival

Today Jameswood Student Voice gave a little back to their community.  Our students planned and hosted a Kiddie Carnival for our daycare friends.  There were stations, laugher and fun.  We don't know who had more fun, the big kids or the little kids.

Thank you to our JAS students who gave of their time to make this happen.  We are so proud of our students.  It gave us a little warm "fuzzy" in our hearts,  to see our students caring for little kids, and sharing their awesomeness with the larger Jameswood School community. 

Halloween Fun

Lots of fun and learning going on every day at JAS.  On Halloween, students learned the origin of Halloween with Mrs. MacRae.  There was pumpkin decorating and carving, party foods, and little kids trick or treating.  You got to love Jameswood.