Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Newest JAS Family Member

Welcome to Zachary Welligan. Congratulations to Ms Welligan on the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Zachary was passed around today and certainly felt the JAS love. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Safe School MEETING

Every year representatives from JAS attend the Safe Schools Divsional meeting. At this meeting students from across the division meet to discuss the plans they have for their schools and brag a little about the things they do that promote healthy and safe schools. This year our focus is on diversity or in other words, being free to be who you are. So in true JAS style we took a photo of our own Morgan in the drivers seat of the Divisional van that was last years safe schools project. 

Lest We Forget

I am often proud of our students. I am proud of their tenacity, their grit to face all that life has given them. Today I was proud to watch them grow as Canadian citizens, reflecting in the sacrifices of our Canadian service men and women in our Remembrance Day service. I was proud of every student who listened respectfully, proud of our staff who shared and were leaders amoung us, proud that our school is welcoming to parents, and proud of our students for sharing their gifts to make our Remembrance Day significant and moving. Thank you JAS for taking time to pause and be grateful for our freedom. 

Where did October go?

Things have been moving along here at JAS. Picture day, Halloween, Tuesday's Table, adios to Mrs. Wellingan and Buenos Dias to Mrs. Mahoney, goodbye Mr. Harper, hello Mr. Trudeau, and student voice.  The school year is in full swing. another great news item is that there is no snow as of yet.